English Programmes

The Real Ireland


  • Shaima Yaaqoub Alhammadi ‬‬‬‬

    UAE student from 2015

    "It was a satisfying advantageous trip. Worth every second of our lives. A full of benefits programme. I’m so glad I experienced it."

  • Safa Alhosani

    UAE student from 2015

    “This summer was an adventure for all of us.  It was something new too. It helped us improve our selves in many ways, like: how to communi-cate with people, how to make new friends and how to be brave and have fun.  We are thankful for this opportunity and all thanks goes to our beloved father Mohammed bin Zayed and thank you all who helped us to live and be in this one of a kind adventure.”

  • Silvia Vicente

    Lawyer, Valencia, Spain

    "I want to give you my thanks for your help in order to improve my English.
    I feel very lucky for taking part in your classes, I think the teachers are excellent, they have a very good skills for teaching with motivation, passion and energy! I had enjoyed your classes!! Thank you for all!"

  • Natalia Navarro

    Head of Consolidation, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, Madrid

    "It was a fun and efficient way to learn English, with personalised lessons. The teacher was fantastic – I learned a lot of vocabulary, most of my grammatical mistakes disappeared and she helped me to gain confidence and become more fluent."

  • David Chen

    Senior Partner, Jade and Fountain Lawyers, Shanghai

    “I had a great time with IH Galway last summer. The training there is different and interesting and is really a good choice for people like me who is of a certain age but would like to improve their English. I chose all the lessons on my own. You know what, I even showed a couple of my friends around London and can be their local tour guide and translator after completing the 15-day’s training with IH Galway. I will definitely choose IH Galway again when I come to Ireland next time.”

  • Alexander Linarez


    "The course was marvellous because teachers were really good and the students could notice that they are really prepared to teach in order to give knowledge. The dynamics in the course was like a training, the teachers were synchronized to start and to finish every class on time. They really helped me improve more my pronunciation and my listening skill. "