Capital and largest city of Germany, Berlin is the second most popular European City.

Located in the northeaster of Germany, on the banks of the rivers Spree and Havel, it is influenced by a temperate seasonal climate.

Berlin is a world city of culture, politics, media and science, and our school is well integrated in this location, with its Green Oasis in the very centre of the city.

Where we are…

Located in the heart of the city, the GLS is the only language school that includes a historic swimming pool and the option to live on campus while learning German in Berlin. The College has been voted Star School Germany i.e. best German language school in Germany 5 times


Course Description

Intensive German for Adults


Standard German courses for everyday communication that are complemented by afternoon activities and weekend excursions. This is a 20-lesson week course for all levels, including beginners. 


Semi-Intensive German courses for everyday communication and study skills that are complemented by afternoon activities and weekend excursions. This is a 30-lesson week course for all levels, except beginners.


Intensive German courses for everyday communication that are complemented by afternoon activities and weekend excursions. This is a 30-lesson week course for all levels, except beginners.


Intensive German courses for everyday communication that are complemented by afternoon activities and weekend excursions. This is a 30-lesson week course, plus 10 lessons one-to-one, for all levels from beginners to advanced.

German - Business Class

German for Success

Regardless in which field you work, whether in architecture, design, engineering or management - this course is for you, if you need German in your workplace. This course will help you to communicate professionally in German: on the phone, by mail, in meetings, while presenting, reporting or negotiating. The focus is not on a specific profession and its terminology, but on the German Language and on every professional need, in order to be successful in Germany or with German business partners.

Legal German

The course “German for lawyers, law students & legal professionals” focuses on the German Language used in the field of law. You learn how to read, understand and formulate juridical phrases in German and will gain confidence in their usage. The context of the course will be German and European law. On request, meetings with German lawyers in Berlin can be arranged.

Teaching Training (IH)

GLS is a teacher training centre for teachers of German as a foreign language.

GLS is certified by IH International House and prepares for the IH Certificate for Teaching German as a Foreign Language (IHC German). The certificate is equivalent to the CELTA certificate in teaching English and enables those holding it to teach German as a foreign language in the private sector, in Germany and abroad. Prep courses for the certificate last 4 weeks and are bookable for applicants who speak German on a native-speaker level (i.e. advanced C2).

For Journalist

Germany’s print media, the most important radio and TV stations as well as multimedia groups will be introduced. The course German for journalists backs up German skills like telephoning, information gathering, skim-reading, drafting short exposes and manuscripts as well as interviewing. If requested visits to editorial offices in Berlin can be arranged.

Medical German

The German course for doctors Deutsch für Mediziner is aimed at foreign doctors, who already practise or who would like to practise their profession in Germany. It prepares medical doctors for everyday situations in the hospital and improves their ability to communicate in German, so that they can communicate better with their patients and colleagues in their everyday work.

TestDaF and telc German

GLS gets you ready for the most important German language certificates. GLS is a test centre for TELC and TestDaF in Berlin. Prep courses for TestDaf and TELC Deutsch finish with the exam, taking place at the GLS German Language School in Berlin.

Please note: to enrol you should already have the level of the exam that you want to pass. The prep courses aren't level-raisers, they prepare for the respective exam format. If you need to raise your level, we suggest you take one of general German courses first.

German Course + Internship in Berlin (unpaid)

You want to try and test your German in real life? Then book the combination of German course + internship in a Berlin company or institution! GLS has arranged internships in places like the German parliament, the Literaturfestival Berlin, with Berlin lawyers and architects. We arrange 80 - 100 internships every year.

University Pathway Germany

This course is a programme that will guide you through every step and will outline a PERSONAL ROADMAP to university.

German Courses for Juniors in Berlin and Munich

Summer Languages Camp in Munich

Munich is a fantastic place to learn German. The Bavarian capital is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. The GLS summer camps for kids & teens have fantastic locations - one in a Munich castle, the others in the Alp mountains, just south of Munich.

Summer Camps and Schools in Berlin

High School in Germany

This is a possibility to study abroad in Germany at a German high school.

Every year more than 150 exchange students from all over the world attend a high school in Germany with GLS.


If you need an accommodation while you’re learning German, we will propose you these possibilities:

50 Apartments (on campus), that are located in 2 historical buildings next to the language school;

here you will find bathroom, TV, phone, Wi-Fi, bedsheets & linen. They have also fully equipped kitchen and there is breakfast incl. in the GLS cafeteria;

Hotel Oderberger, that is located in the most spectacular building on campus - a Berlin landmark under monument protection. Here you will find a swimming pool;

Flat shared with International students, reserved exclusively for GLS students, that are all flats are fully equipped with kitchen, bath, TV, Wi-Fi – some of them additionally include living room, phone, washing machine or dishwasher;

Low Budget Student Residence in Berlin, that is for those students that prefer to have their own apartment;

Homestay with Berliners, ideal if you want to practice your German “at home”: students have a single room in a flat shared with Germans. Hosts can be couples (married or not) as well as singles, with or without kids. They can be students, taxi drivers or professors, of all ages and social strata. All hosts have been inspected, and many have been hosting our students for several years.

Social Activities

The school organizes some different activities every day after class: meeting with German students of the College, visit museums of the City, walking around the beautiful city, visit the most beautiful attractions of Berlin.
This is the best way to improve your German, to make friends and discover a new culture in one of the biggest city of the world.


We have a lot of course and accommodation options, as you can imagine! To give you an idea of costs, here is a sample price for

  • a one week course with apartment accommodation: 635,00€
  • a two week course with apartment accommodation: 1039,00€

Please contact us for more course options.