Córdoba is a city in Andalusia, southern Spain, and the capital of the province of Córdoba. It was a Roman settlement, then colonized by Muslim armies in the eighth century. It became the capital of the Islamic Emirate, and then of the Caliphate of Córdoba, including most of the Iberian Peninsula. Caliph Al Hakam II opened many libraries in addition to the many medical schools and universities which existed at the time, making Córdoba a centre for education. During these centuries it became the centre of a society ruled by Muslims. It was recaptured by Christian forces in 1236, during the Reconquista. Today it is a moderately sized modern city.  The historic centre was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Córdoba has the highest summer temperatures in Spain and Europe.

Where we are…

Our school was founded in 1953. Since that time the school has continued to grow and in 2010 a second school, the SIERRA school, was opened.  The CENTRO school is situated in the old town in two modernized Andalusian houses. The school houses 22 classrooms, a staffroom, a computer room and an open-plan study centre. The building is fully air-conditioned, with central heating, WIFI and all classrooms have computers and interactive whiteboards.

The school’s committed team of professional teachers offers English, French, Spanish and German classes, as well as a variety of extra-curricular activities.

The school is a Cambridge Examination centre and our Spanish Department is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes. We offer courses at all  levels.

Course Description

DELE Intensive

This program is suitable for those who wish to obtain the DELE diploma at the end of the course. There are six levels: Initial (A1 and A2), Intermediate (B1 and B2) and Superior (C1 and C2). Each week there are 20 intensive Spanish classes and 5 more specialized classes exclusively focusing on exam preparation. The programme has been designed specifically to prepare our students for exams. We offer practice tests to prepare you for the final exam, covering all models of questions. 

Intensive Plus

Intensive Plus courses are ideal if you want to get involved in many activities during the duration of the course. In addition to the normal group classes, once a day you will have private lessons with a teacher. 
 In addition to the aforementioned classes, there are conversation classes, video classes and a very comprehensive social program.  We offer two types of courses: Intensive Plus 10 and Intensive Plus 5 (10 or 5 private lessons per week). This way you can choose according to your specific needs and interests.

General Intensive

The program most requested by international students is the General Intensive course. In it, you will not only have the most intensive Spanish classes but you will participate in a great variety of activities during the duration of the course. In addition to the group classes, you will have once a week a private private module with a teacher. Included in the course we offer a welcome tour of the city, conversation classes, Spanish cinema activities, sevillanas (type of flamenco) classes and a complete social program. This course is very interesting for those who like to combine study with leisure.

General Extensive

These are courses specifically designed for those who study or want to study in a university or Spanish institution and for those foreigners who live or work in Cordoba. They are courses based on the grammatical and communicative aspects of the learning and oriented so that the students understand and speak in Spanish from the first day. The students of the extensive courses will participate in our varied and attractive programs of activities such as the tour of the tapas, sevillanas (type of flamenco), concerts, walks in the city, etc. You can also participate in exchange programs with other Spanish students. The main advantage of the course is that you will have a lot of leisure time to have fun with the extra activities that we organize daily and that are included in the course.

Extensive DELE

If you have the ambition to obtain a diploma of Spanish as a foreign language (DELE), this program is ideal for you. The DELE exams are accredited by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain. This diploma is especially important if you intend to start a professional career as a Spanish teacher. It will prepare you for testing with test models, with all necessary skills tests, continuous assessments, and corrective measures specific to each student. With proper preparation, it is possible to guarantee the result.


This is a tailor-made course and you have the freedom to choose the number of classes per week that you want. Therefore, you choose the duration of the course although the minimum time to follow this course is one week. In the rest of intensive courses the maximum number of students per class is six but for private classes it is only 2. The course is available for the 6 levels (A1-C2) which are included in the Common European Framework of Reference CEFR). You can take this course all year regardless of your level of Spanish. We also offer special programs in law, business and engineering. The classes are developed in Spanish from day one.

Language and Culture

This course is specially designed for adults who want to make the most of a two-week stay in Cordoba, combining learning Spanish with a deep knowledge of the culture, history, monuments and traditions of one of the most beautiful and best preserved historic towns of Andalusia. Cordoba has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on three occasions. There is a complete program of activities, both inside and outside the city. Guided tours follow the historical monuments of the city, traces left by the civilizations that have populated Cordoba for centuries, and the old Jewish quarter (La Judería). The guided tours are to Seville, and white villages of the province

Tailor-made Courses for Groups

Often universities and schools send groups to Spain in exchange programs or educational trips. For these groups, this could be the ideal program. If you have a group of students who are looking for a tailor-made course, welcome! The courses include Spanish classes and unique extracurricular activities for students and teachers.

Old Spanish and Flamenco Course

We offer two courses through which you can get to know the world of flamenco while learning Spanish at the same time: "Spanish and Flamenco Dance" and "Spanish and Flamenco Guitar”. The dance classes are very practical and focus on the most  important flamenco dances. Everything from body posture and arm position to advanced choreographies adapted to the different genres of flamenco: solea, seguiriyas, bulerías, etc.). You will also learn how to maintain complex rhythms and rhythm, which are so important for learning and flamenco dancing.

Enjoy your Meal!

This course will teach you all about the best known dishes, how to prepare your own shopping list, the necessary ingredients, the history behind each dish and the health benefits they bring. Students take an active part in the kitchen under the expert guidance of a qualified cook, who takes students step by step through the recipe and ingredients, providing advice. And, finally, everyone will taste the prepared dishes accompanied by a good bottle of wine.

Spanish Classes Online

Thanks to the new technologies, we can offer private conversation lessons via Skype with one of our teachers. No matter the place or time, it is now possible to have conversation classes in Spanish .


We offer the following accommodation types:

  • Home stay
  • Shared flats and apartments.
  • Hotels
  • Hostals

Social Activities

The social program is completed with the activities of the leisure and cultural offer of the city, which is very abundant throughout the year. In this way, our social program changes every week. Please note that some of these activities may be charged.

Get a real immersion in Spanish life with our cultural program! Apart from the Spanish classes, Academia Hispánica organizes a complete program of activities, excursions and daily trips. Some of the activities are related to cultural events or festivals in the city and have been scheduled in specific periods of time. 

  • Guided visit to the most important monument of the city, such as the mosque.
  • Tapas night.
  • Flamenco Festivals and Shows
  • Travel to Granada to visit the Alhambra
  • Sevillan dance classes
  • Hamman (Arab Baths)


We have a lot of course and accommodation options, as you can imagine! To give you an idea of costs, here is a sample price for

  • a four week course with residential accommodation: 845,00$
  • a two week course with residential accommodation: 655,00$


Transfer services
Train station - Accomodation 15,00€
Madrid - Cordoba 175,00€
Seville - Cordoba 130,00€
Malaga - Cordoba 140,00€

Please contact us for more course options.