General English

General English 15 hours
We help you to practise the key communication skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, with a focus on vocabulary development. Some grammar is included but the main focus is helping our students to become confident using English. We follow a course book, combined with motivating authentic materials, such as newspapers, videos, and radio.

General English 20/General English 25 hours
These extra lessons are based on our students’ particular needs and interests, and our teachers design interesting lessons usung personalised materials.

  • Individual Tuition 5 hours
    Combine your group programme with one to one lessons in the afternoon which your teacher designs, based on your specific needs and interests.
  • Individual Tuition 10 hours
    This is a more intensive additional programme where you can focus on developing the key skills you need, with personalised materials.

Personalised Study Programme: PSP
In the afternoons, we can direct you to practice materials for specific areas such as vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading, listening, and speaking. This extra service is offered free to our students.

Social Programme
Visit the most popular places in Galway with us after class and practise your English some more! Some of these visits are free and for others you will pay an entrance fee.  We organise full day visits to beautiful places such as the Aran Islands and the world famous Cliffs of Moher, and some evening visits to traditional pubs  to listen to Irish music and meet the locals!