Vacation Programme for younger teens

summerIH Galway summer residential courses for teens from 12-19 offer students the opportunity to have an experience which is both educational and fun. Our courses are at the National University of Ireland Galway, the alma mater of President Michael D Higgins and the film actor Martin Sheen.

Summer courses by design for 12-15 year-olds

The IH Galway summer course combines an interactive and engaging English language learning programme with sports, activities and visits to places of interest in Ireland’s most authentic and spectacular western region. Our programme is based on project work, combining lesson content, activities and excursions. Our lessons help students to practise their English in a more natural and integrated way, encouraging team work. Afternoon and evening activities help our students practise their English further and weekly excursions allow them to discover the most interesting areas of Ireland.
Sports and Activities include tennis, swimming, dance, art and photography.


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Pre-university by design for 16-19 year-olds

This programme is different from other summer programmes as we help students prepare for studying at university level.  Our learners practise aspects of Academic English and skills they will need at university, such as effective note taking in a lecture, project work, organization of files and becoming independent learners.

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• IH Galway summer course for teens general information

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National University of Ireland Galway

NUIG-QuadThe National University of Ireland Galway was founded in 1845 and is the alma mater of Irish president Michael D Higgins. NUI Galway is a university that is engaged with the rich cultural heritage of its region. It was awarded five stars by the influential QS 2012 World Rankings service in 2012 and it provides Galway with its 20% student population.

Its small size and academic surroundings of old quadrangles and green fields makes it the perfect study location for younger and pre-university teens.