Welcome to the “city of peace”!

Also known as the “smallest of big cities”, Geneva will seduce you with the spectacular Lake Geneva, the parks, the old alleyways and the characteristics boutiques.

Where we are…

IH Geneva is a large, modern multi-lingual school, situated in the heart of the city, only a few minutes walking from Lake Geneva and the beautiful landscapes around it


Course Description

French for Breakfast

This specifically designed course is ideal for people who are busy during the day and who want to maintain or improv e their level of spoken French. It features French conversation in small groups, practised while enjoying a typical French-style breakfast.

Intensive French
Would you like to improve or perfect your French quickly? This highly rated intensive course features the use of French in everyday, real-life situations. The course is designed to achieve maximum results in a short time.
Conversation / Pronunciation

Would you like to speak French more fluently?

Through our conversation workshop you will enrich your vocabulary by discussing a range of topics in our friendly and supportive learning environment. You will also improve your listening skills through specific exercises at the end of each workshop.

Intensive French writing

Would you like to improve your writing skills in French?

This programme helps you to improve your writing skills (conjugation, grammar and spelling) through structured exercises, free writing and work on authentic documents.

An A2 level in spoken French is required to take part in this group.

Evening Standard

Would you like to learn or improve your French, but you’re not available during the day?

This evening course is the right choice for you! The course focuses mainly on speaking skills, with the aim of practicing your French in everyday situation. The programme entitled “15 Themes in 15 Weeks” takes a pragmatic approach by putting theory into practice, providing ample speaking opportunities, encouraging discussion between students, enriching vocabulary and consolidating grammatical knowledge.

Speak Like a Native

Would you like to learn or improve your French accent?

This course, which focuses on speaking skills, aims to explore French sounds and intonation, as well as to improve students’ pronunciation in an original way. You will practice the pronunciation of difficult sounds through phonetic exercises and theatre activities in order to gain that native “je ne sais quoi” when you speak French.

Business Writing in French

Do you need to improve your professional writing skills in French?

This tailor-made course, will help you perfect your written production and familiarize with different styles, registers and text types. Special attention will be paid to corporate communication and, in particular, business correspondence.

Negotiation in French

Do you already speak fluent French, but would like to sound more convincing when speaking?

This course is designed to improve students’ speaking skills by enriching their vocabulary and consolidating their knowledge of grammar. The main objectives of the course are to improve students’ fluency and accuracy, to encourage spontaneous speech production and to develop persuasion skills in both everyday and professional contexts.

DELF Exam Preparation

Would you like to prepare for the DELF/DALF exams?

If so, our small-group evening course is the right choice for you!

Students will also benefit from a mock exam, corrected and reviewed by a highly qualified and experienced teacher, mid-way through the course.

Writing and Grammar

Would you like to refine and improve your grammar and spelling in French?

This personalized course, delivered in small groups, will allow you to identify common pitfalls in written French, as well as to revise grammar rules and focus on typical mistakes. You will consolidate your knowledge through systematic exercises and free production tasks, as well as working on authentic texts.

Professional Writing

Do you need a higher level of written French for work?

This personalized course, delivered in small groups, focuses on advanced writing skills such as style, register, text type, context dependence, etc. and it is recommended for people who are required to use a good level of written French in their workplace.


IH Geneva offers a wide range of hotel accommodation options, all of which are located close to the school.

Homestay is also available.

Social Activities

Geneva offers a huge range of interesting sites and activities to occupy our students outside the classrooms and provides an ideal setting for cultural and linguistic immersion.



Please contact us for course options.