• “Awesome!! The course in Galway was a wonderful experience!! It was very helpful, I could learn new vocabulary and expressions and the most important I practiced all time “Listening” and “Speaking”.
    The teachers are very friendly and they have an accurate qualification. The director, Mary, did my stay easier in Galway, she helped me in everything what I needed.
     I recommend this course because it is a good way to improve your English while you stay in a nice city. Galway is a beautiful city with wonderful people.
    Nowadays, I feel more confident when I have to speak English and I am sure that I will come back to Galway again.”
    Gema Sidra Vico, Administrative Officer, Madrid

  • The teachers had really good skills teaching English. The lessons were funny, interesting and entertaining. What else can anyone ask for?
    Thank you so much and congratulations!
    Maria Martin, Student of Engineering, Madrid, Spain

  • Shaima Yaaqoub Alhammadi ‬‬‬‬

    UAE student from 2015

    "It was a satisfying advantageous trip. Worth every second of our lives. A full of benefits programme. I’m so glad I experienced it."

  • Safa Alhosani

    UAE student from 2015

    “This summer was an adventure for all of us.  It was something new too. It helped us improve our selves in many ways, like: how to communi-cate with people, how to make new friends and how to be brave and have fun.  We are thankful for this opportunity and all thanks goes to our beloved father Mohammed bin Zayed and thank you all who helped us to live and be in this one of a kind adventure.”

  • Silvia Vicente

    Lawyer, Valencia, Spain

    "I want to give you my thanks for your help in order to improve my English.
    I feel very lucky for taking part in your classes, I think the teachers are excellent, they have a very good skills for teaching with motivation, passion and energy! I had enjoyed your classes!! Thank you for all!"

  • Natalia Navarro

    Head of Consolidation, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, Madrid

    "It was a fun and efficient way to learn English, with personalised lessons. The teacher was fantastic – I learned a lot of vocabulary, most of my grammatical mistakes disappeared and she helped me to gain confidence and become more fluent."

Mary O’Connell

Distance DELTA Orientation Course Participant

"The DELTA is the only NFQ Level 9 qualification I considered. The course gave me the chance to re-examine my approach to teaching in a challenging and structured way.  The tutors were excellent and the sense of a learning community in our small group was wonderful."

Louise Griffin

Distance DELTA Orientation Course Participant

"The DELTA makes you examine yourself as a teacher and gives you the skills needed to bridge the gap between what you already do well and what you could be doing better"

Eleonora Esposito

CELTA Course Participant

"I embarked in a CELTA course at IH Galway with a background as an academic researcher in Linguistics. For me, English has always been something abstract, to be discussed in papers rather than taught in class. I can honestly say that the CELTA has revolutionized my approach to English in only 4 weeks! Thanks to our experienced tutors, the course has been a fantastic month to exchange ideas, share knowledge and actually practise the hard work of teaching! Much to my surprise, I was able to secure a teaching job even before the completion of the course! As a start, I will be teaching a pre-sessional EAP course at Lancaster University. I am convinced that the CELTA was the best thing that could happen to my CV!"

Marian Murray

CELTA Course Participant

"I found the CELTA course intensive, stressful, fascinating and really rewarding. The tutors were very thorough but above all encouraging."

Eric Hanley

CELTA Course Participant

"The content and structure were comprehensive. Our tutors were great for many reasons but especially how they were approachable and objective. The input sessions fly by so fast, you don’t notice the morning going. Thank you for an enjoyable and rewarding experience."