If you are looking for a place that combine your studies and the discovery of the Italian Style, you are in the right city!

You will be able to discover the beauties of the city, visit the footprint of the past and modern architecture styles, be enchanted by the greatest Italian fashion brands and, certainly, taste Milanese specialities. 

Where we are…

The school is situated in the heart of the city, exactly 6 minutes and 2 minutes on foot from, respectively the renowned Dome and the nearest subway.

Torre Valesca, built back in 1950, stands in the city skylines, in the neighbourhood of the headquarters of University Milan. 

Course Description

Group Programme

Standard 20

This course is ideal for students who wish to improve their Italian very quickly.

It focuses on combining the most important skills when learning a language: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

This is a 20-lesson course.

Intensive 28

This is the Standard Course (20 lessons) + 8 group lessons, that focus on specific aspects such as conversation, pronunciation, grammar, listening and vocabulary.

Super Intensive 30

This is the Standard Course (20 lessons) + 10 one-to-one lessons, during which student and teacher can focus on a variety of subjects and skills, which can include General Italian or Italian for Business, Fashion, Design or Tourism. CELI and CILS exam preparation are also available.

Evening Course

This course is designed for students who work or study during the day. It is also recommended for those who wish to continue studying the language after settling into their life and business in Milan, moving from an intensive to a longer-term course.

Conversation Club

During the conversation classes you will:   

  • Improve your communication skills  
  • Feel more confident in talking about a variety of topics  
  • Concentrate on pronunciation and intonation  
  • Have fun!

L'italiano in Città

This course gives you the opportunity to use and improve your Italian in a unique, authentic and natural way.

During the course you will: enhance and reinforce your General Italian, focusing on grammar and vocabulary while improving your speaking and comprehension skills, get outdoors and learn Italian while directly experiencing the sights and spirit of Milan, learning about the local culture and history, have the chance to practice your Italian with local people in real situations and make new friends!

Special Courses

Italian with Internship

Combines the study of the Italian language with the opportunity of working in the busy environment of the school.

Italian for Fashion and Design

Designed to meet the language needs of students and professionals of the Fashion  and Design industry.

Italian for Business

This course aims to provide the language skills needed to use Italian at work. It can be combined with a morning course.

And also...

  • Italian for Football
  • Survival Italian for Beginners
  • Italian for Shopping
  • Italian in the Kitchen
  • CELI Exam Preparation
Gap Year

The ideal solution for students who wish to dedicate an academic year to Italian language and culture.

Enjoy 50+ ... en non solo!

Specifically created for students who prefer to discover Milan at a more relaxed pace and are interested in learning Italian while enjoying art and.

Rome for 50 +

This programme is held three times a year and is designed exclusively for people over 50.

The programme includes activities around the city, in order to discover Rome’s history and art.

All the activities are guided and/or accompanied by Italian’s teachers.

Personalised Courses

One-to-one lessons are designed for the specific needs of the student and they are ideal for people who would like to focus on specific aspects of the language.

SOS Italian

Personalised 3 hour -programme. Ideal if you want to: Write a good CV in Italian, practice for a job interview, revise for an exam or prepare for a presentation or meeting.

Course Format: one to one

This is a one-to-one tuition course.

You can choose between: Semi Intensive, Intensive or Full Immersion.


Our accommodation is carefully selected and visited regularly throughout the year by our accommodation department.

  • They are all well connected to the school by underground, trams or busses
  • The average travel time is around 25 minutes by public transport

You can choose from one of the following possibilities:

  • Host family

The best way to practice Italian and immerse yourself in the new culture. The hosts may be “traditional families” with children, young couples with no children, single-parent families, a single person and retired couples whose children left home.

It is possible to book halfboard or breakfast only.

  • Shared flats, usually with permanent tenants

Self-catering option idea for the students who wish to be a bit more independent.

Students have their own single room and share the kitchen and bathroom with the other tenants.

  • Hotels, Residences and Hostels

Hotels, residences and hostels are also available

Social Activities

The best way to consolidate the language skills learnt in the classroom is discover the City, meet other students, make friends… and have fun!

Our own objective is guarantee you an unforgettable stay, organizing a large range of activities, in and out of the classroom. 


Please contact us for course options.