Moscow is the capital and most populous cityof Russia.

It has the status of a Russian federal city.

Moscow is a major political, economic, cultural, and scientific centre of Russia and Eastern Europe, as well as the largest city entirely on the European continent.

Where we are…

Teachers choose to start or further their career in BKC-International House because we are a well-established school with a large student base and excellent opportunities for professional development.
Founded in 1991, we are now the biggest private language school in the former Soviet Union with approximately 9000 students a year. Key to this expansion and success are the individual teachers who have contributed their expertise and enthusiasm to giving their students the best possible learning experience.

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IH Moscow provides the shared accommodation. The flat consists of two separate rooms. However, you do have the option to find your own accommodation. In this case the school will pay you an allowance. As the school provides the shared accommodation we try our best to find compatible flat-mates. That's why we ask you to specify your preferences e.g. smoker / non smoker. However we do also bear in mind the distance from the school you will most likely be teaching at. BKC can arrange a standard Internet account for use in your flat, as long as you share with accommodation manager the necessary data to make an agreement with the local provider; alternatively, you may make your own arrangements for an Internet connection without assistance from BKC.

Social Activities

IH Moscow offers a lot of activities like:

  • British Club speaking club
  • Film screening in English BKC-Cinema Club
  • Teacher's Day with VCS - the path to excellence
  • Traveling to Hogwarts with VCS-IH and HAMLEYS!
  • Global business day
  • Karting with BKC


We have a lot of course and accommodation options, as you can imagine!  

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