Right in the heart of the wonderful Italian capital, you will find our school. Rome, the ‘Eternal City’, the place to be for all those interested in Italian history, culture and tradition. You will find yourself surrounded by art, culture, history, music, design, fashion, good food, good wine, sun, architecture and the warmth of Italian people.

Where we are…

The school is situated in the center of Rome, at a short walking distance from the central railway station (Stazione Termini) and easily reachable with public transport from every other area of the city.


Course Description

General Italian

Intensive Group

]It is an intensive course that runs every day, from Monday to Friday.

This course is designed for small groups (from minimum of 5 to maximum of 14 students), available for all levels: from absolute beginners to advanced.

The minimum age requested is 16.

Non-Intensive Small Group

Intensive Individual

This course is available for all levels, from beginners to advanced and it is also suitable for business and professional people.

It is an individual course and the minimum age request is 16.

Non-Intensive Individual

This course is available for all levels, from beginners to advanced. Particularly suitable for all who require one-to-one tuition, specifically designed along their individual needs or for students who want to add some individual tuition to their Group Courses.

The minimum age request is 16.

This course can be compatible with “Italian + a Taste of Italian Culture Courses”.


Academic Year Programme

These courses have been designed to meet the ever increasing demand of a solid language course and bring students at a B2 (at least) level. The courses are particularly suitable for those students who need the right level in order to be able to study in an Italian Higher Education Institution (University, Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Design and Conservatory).

You have the possibility to choose from the following options:

  • Marco Polo and Turandot Projects

Through these projects, Chinese students can enter Italian Higher Education Institutions (University, Conservatories, Academy of Design and Fine Arts). It is open to beginners and elementary students.

  • Foundation Year / Academic Semester

These courses are particularly designed for those students who need a solid language and cultural foundation in order to study in an Italian Higher Education Institution (University, Academy of Fine Arts, Design Academy and Conservatory), on a bachelor degree (BA) or master degree courses (MA).

Italian Through Art and Culture

Each of these courses seeks to offer those interested the opportunity to improve their Italian whilst learning about one of the following Art & Culture topics.

Course Name Description course Levels
Discovering Rome A course where you learn Italian whilst exploring the unequalled artistic and archaeological patrimony, that only a city like Rome can offer. A2+
Italian Through Architecture The course analyses the artistic and architectural testimonies of the city which, more than any other in the world, is a pure open-air museum: Rome. B1+
Italian Through Photography This course will teach you techniques for photography on film and techniques for digital photography, exploring the city and its landscapes. B1+
Italian Through Theatre An interesting and exciting way to learn Italian through theatre. You will be able to learn and practice basic language skills, but also work on your body language and gestures. A2+
Italian Through Italian Cooking The course is suitable for all those students who are interested in attending a training course for chefs or a course of specialization in Italian Cuisine. A2+
Italian Through Film-Making This course offers students the chance to learn Italian through the well-known and articulated Italian Cinema, culminating in the making of a short film. A2+
Italian + A taste of Italian Culture

These courses are designed for those who are interested in Italian life and culture, but whose main goal is to improve their Italian.

Course Name Course Description Levels  
Italian + Italian Home - Cooking The Home-Cooking component offers students the opportunity to be hosted by an Italian family and take part in the preparation of some typical Italian dishes. A1+  
Italian + OneDayChef The OneDayChef component consists in practical cooking lessons under the guidance of a professional chef at a Cookery school. A1+  
Italian +Italian Wine The Italian Wine component offers an overview of the complex and fascinating world of Italian wines. A2+  
Italian + Italian Fashion The Italian Fashion component reveals the history of Italian Fashion and can be a valid tool to getting to know this creative and glamorous world. B1+
Italian + Italian Cinema The Italian Cinema component tackles the subject from two different perspectives: one historical and the other takes into consideration the best-known contemporary Italian directors. B1+
Italian + Italian Regions The Italian Regions component offers a region-by-region journey into the more interesting aspects of the diversified culture, traditions, and customs all over Italy. B1+
Italian + Meet the Italians The Meet the Italians component offers an innovative and fun way to practice the Italian language with local people. From Beginner to B2
Rome for 50 +

This programme is held three times a year and is designed exclusively for people over 50.

The programme includes activities around the city, in order to discover Rome’s history and art.

All the activities are guided and/or accompanied by Italian’s teachers.

Business Italian

This course is suitable for people who need to use Italian in their profession. The main goal is to develop effective communication skills at work and in business, both spoken and written. During the course designed for the specific needs of the participants, grammar and typical commercial Italian vocabulary - telephone conversations, company presentations, negotiations and sales, business meetings, formal letters, reports, emails and faxes - will be practised and analysed.

Italian For Law

This course aims to stimulate active learning of some of the basic notions of the Italian judiciary system. The main fields dealt with are civil law, penal law and constitutional law.


For students attending an Intensive Courses, the school can arrange accommodation on request. All accommodation has been carefully selected and is regularly monitored by our staff. It is all centrally located, and the school can easily be reached in approx 30 minutes by public transport.

Host Families and Shared Flats are classified into two categories: Standard and Standard Plus.

You can choose from one of the following possibilities:

  • Host family - single or double room - self catering
  • Host family - single or double room - with breakfast or half board (breakfast and dinner)
  • Shared flat - single or double room - self catering


Host Families

Students live with local residents. Your host family can be a "traditional" one, a single parent, an elderly person or a single. In selecting host families, our priority is that the host enjoys the company of foreign students. Host families can host from 1 to 4 students: kitchen and bathroom are shared.

Shared Flats

Students share the flat with other students from the school. Our shared flats can host from 2 to 6 students. Bathroom and kitchen are shared.

Social Activities

Our aims are to offer you the best opportunities to practice speaking Italian, improve your understanding and speed up your progress. We want you to have fun, meet other students, make new friends and enjoy the wonders of a city unique in the world.

Each day there is a different, involving social activity that all the students are welcome to attend. Whether it's an excursion to the beauties of Rome, a seminar on Italian cooking and wines, or a guided tour to one of Rome's many attractions, our Social Programme is the perfect place to discover the city and practice Italian.


We have a lot of course and accommodation options, as you can imagine! To give you an idea of costs, here is a sample price for

  • a two week course with host family accommodation: 660,00€
  • a two week course with shared flat accommodation: 675,00€
From/to airport 82,00€
From/to Termini central station 60,00€

Please contact us for more course options.