International House DISTANCE DELTA


  • All DELTA modules together or individually
  • 30+ years’ experience of delivery of Cambridge Distance DELTA
  • Expert training team, including Cambridge DELTA Examiners and Assessors
  • Customised and constantly updated course materials
  • Discussion Forum monitored by our DELTA Tutors
  • Guidance for writing Module 2 assignments
  • Draft assignment facility with individual advice

As part of Module Two, you attend a two week face to face Orientation Course which you can take at IH Galway.

Face to face DELTA

IH Galway face to face DELTA Module 2 course – combine with IH London Distance DELTA Modules 1 and 3

  • 6-week face to face coursedelta-testimonial
  • Input and teaching practice
  • Guidance for lesson planning
  • Guidance for writing assignments
  • Draft assignment facility
  • Draft lesson planning facility
  • Personalized attention