University of Cambridge CELTA Course Galway

This course, which was originally designed by the founder of IH, John Haycraft, at IH London in 1962, is the most recognised initial teacher training course in the world. IH Galway is proud to continue in the tradition of IH as world leaders in teacher training.

The CELTA is a 120-hour four-week intensive course which is suitable for applicants with no teaching qualification or experience or for teachers of English who have gained experience but have no formal qualification. Full and part-time/Online CELTA course options are available.

  • Gain a qualification which is accredited at Level 5 on the UK National Qualifications Framework
  • Gain a qualification which 87% of employers worldwide look for
  • Develop many transferable interpersonal skills
  • Develop as a professional teacher of English
  • Discover how to make language teaching and learning engaging and fun
  • Travel to exciting destinations with the most recognised TEFL qualification in the world

On the CELTA course, you learn how to:

  • Analyse language for teaching
  • Select and adapt texts for students
  • Plan a lesson effectively
  • Manage students and your lesson
  • Help students understand and use grammar and vocabulary
  • Help students read, listen, speak and write in English
  • Become confident and ready to teach English

 Full-time CELTA courses:
  • 12 February – 9 March
  • 4 June- 29 June
  • 2 July – 27 July
  • 7 August – 31 August
  •  4 November – 29 November
 Part-time/Online CELTA:
  • 28 April – 7 July
  • 15 September – 1 December

Please note that on the CELTA Online course, teaching practice is face to face and is all day Saturday, except for Easter Saturday, April 15

  • Enrolment fee: €60
  • Materials fee: €60
  • Cambridge Assessment fee: €170
  • Course fee: €1,460
  • Total fees: €1,750

Below is a link to a short video about the CELTA course, with some comments from course participants and tutors:


IH Galway CELTA Application Form and Language Tasks
IH Galway CELTA information for applicants
Cambridge CELTA information leaflet
Frequently Asked Questions about CELTA

Eleonora Esposito

CELTA Course Participant

"I embarked in a CELTA course at IH Galway with a background as an academic researcher in Linguistics. For me, English has always been something abstract, to be discussed in papers rather than taught in class. I can honestly say that the CELTA has revolutionized my approach to English in only 4 weeks! Thanks to our experienced tutors, the course has been a fantastic month to exchange ideas, share knowledge and actually practise the hard work of teaching! Much to my surprise, I was able to secure a teaching job even before the completion of the course! As a start, I will be teaching a pre-sessional EAP course at Lancaster University. I am convinced that the CELTA was the best thing that could happen to my CV!"

Marian Murray

CELTA Course Participant

"I found the CELTA course intensive, stressful, fascinating and really rewarding. The tutors were very thorough but above all encouraging."

Eric Hanley

CELTA Course Participant

"The content and structure were comprehensive. Our tutors were great for many reasons but especially how they were approachable and objective. The input sessions fly by so fast, you don’t notice the morning going. Thank you for an enjoyable and rewarding experience."