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Thousands of teachers have taken IH teacher training courses around the world and are now working at IH centres, the British Council, private language centres and state schools, and universities.

Jeremy Harmer, a leading writer on English Language Teaching, former IH teacher and trainer, and long life friend of IH, has often asked at leading teaching conferences how many teachers trained at IH, and the majority of teachers and researchers always raise their hand, he says!

IH Galway is proud to continue the IH tradition of quality teacher training and we offer the Cambridge Assessment English CELTA and Delta, as well as teacher development courses for practising teachers from around the world. We train teachers face to face and online in Galway and we have also worked with groups of teachers from Spain, Italy, Germany and Austria, as well as from other countries from around the world.

We have partnered with other IH schools to offer training abroad: for example, we have run CELTA courses with IH London and IH Saudi Arabia in Riyadh and Dammam; we have run teacher development courses in Babylon, Kerbala, Al Qadissiyah and Kufa, Iraq with IH London; and we have run teacher training courses with IH Tehran in Tehran.

John Haycraft’s article on the development of the International House Certificate in English Language Teaching, the precursor to the CELTA

The First International House Preparation Course

Let me make an obvious statement which like many of their kind is often forgotten: training is most effective when urgently needed and when the reasons for this urgency are clear.

Have you ever met someone who learnt a language for Army Intelligence, years ago during the (Second World) War? In a short time, many were trained to interrogate fluently in another language, while others learnt to translate effectively. The urgency was there and the objectives were evident.

Why do we want to train teachers for EFL? What for? Who for?

How often do we ask ourselves these questions when planning a course?

Are we aware that answers are often affected by the Prestige Factor? Here, the problem may be…

The first IH schools abroad ​

Although the IH Certificate started as a means of training their own teachers, the demand for this course grew and International House went on to offer IH teacher training courses at other schools in Britain and around the world. This also enabled IH to start schools abroad and to forge professional relationships with those which already existed because proficient teachers could be provided.

IH schools were set up in Algeria, Libya and Morocco; former IH teachers went on to set up their own schools in Portugal, Spain, various Italy and also, in 1965, in Beirut; IH Cordoba was still connected also.

In 1968…

Find Out What’s Going On Around The IH Network ​

International House Journal

The International House Journal of Education and Development was founded by Charles Lowe (former Director of IH London) and Matthew Barnard in 1996.

The original intention was to provide a forum for debate, a platform for creating new ideas and re-floating old ones, debunking myths and generally to generate a sense of adventure for people teaching English Language. It has now expanded to include articles on teaching and training in a variety of other languages.

The digital version of the IH Journal is published twice a year, in autumn and spring, and aims to include some of the latest and most stimulating thinking in language teaching.

Teachers, teacher trainers, researchers and course book writers from around the world contribute to the IH Journal.

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