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The People’s Republic of China, abbreviated as China, is situated in the east of Asia faces the Pacific Ocean in the sea,  and borders to 14 countries.

Chinese (Putonghua or Mandarin) is the official language of China, and it is also the most used language in the world. Chinese is based on northern dialects, and close to Beijing dialect, and it is the official language used in schools, and every Chinese learns it. In daily conversation, people may use dialects or Chinese, but in written course, only Putonghua is used.

In China, there are lots of dialects, and over eighty dialects can’t communicate with each other. Among decades of ethnic groups in China, most ethnic groups have their own dialects. Dialects usually have regional limits. Because of historical and geographical reasons, there are many dialects in the Chinese language, such at Wu, Guangdong and Fujian dialects.

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Available Courses

We offer multiple courses in Arabic in all the different cities.

Standard Arabic Course

This Arabic language course is ideal for students who wish to improve their Arabic language very quickly. It focuses on combining the most important skills when learning a language: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

One-to-One Arabic Course

A one-to-one course offers you the opportunity to focus on your needs and on your Arabic skills with the full attention of a tutor.

Combonation Arabic Course

The ideal way to improve your Arabic rapidly, combining the advantages of the standard group and those of individual lessons.

Accommodation Options..

Our accommodation is carefully selected and visited regularly throughout the    year        by our accommodation department.

You can choose from one of the following possibilities:

Host Family…

Homestays are carefully selected and offer students the opportunity to learn more about the local culture in a comfortable setting, while studying Arabic in one the 5  following locations available. These homes are often between 5 – 15 minutes away from the school by public transport. Families usually offer affordable meal plans that allow you to discover and taste the local cuisine.


It is possible to live in a rented apartment during your study tie with us, but this tends to be more expensive. International House provides some assistance with apartment rentals or you can rent an apartment on your own.


International House provides some assistance with hotel or hostel reservations or you can reserve a room on your own.



For more information and information about fees please call us at 091-381110 or contact us through our contact page.


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