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Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher Training

Is the full-time course very intensive?
Yes! On the full-time course, you should be prepared to devote five days a week (evenings included) to the course, and to spend a considerable part of each weekend on course-related work.

On the part time/online CELTA course, you should be prepared to spend time during the week on course-related work and also a considerable part of weekends.

Is the part-time/online CELTA equivalent to the full-time CELTA?
Yes. The content, requirements and assessment are the same for all CELTA courses regardless of their format.

The CELTA certificate doesn’t specify whether you completed your CELTA course part time or full-time, and the course is recognised equally by employers as a result.

What is the course timetable?
The course is divided into methodology sessions and teaching practice with feedback.

On the FULL-TIME course, the timetable is:

09.00-13.00: seminars and supervised lesson planning

14.00-17.00: teaching practice and feedback

On the PART TIME/ONLINE course, the timetable is:

Input: online during the timetabled week from Saturday to Friday

Teaching Practice: from 09.00 to 17.00, every Saturday for the duration of the course

Supervised lesson planning will also be timetabled on Saturdays.

English is not my first language. Is the CELTA appropriate for me?
Cambridge regulations state that the candidates “must have an awareness of language and a competence in English, both written and spoken, which enables them to follow the course”. In reality, this means that you should have a C1(high) or C2 level of English.

We have had many successful candidates whose first language isn’t English.

Applicants whose first language isn’t English may be asked to complete some English language tasks to assess their level of English at the interview stage.

I don't have a degree. Will this be a problem?
You don’t need to have a degree to complete the CELTA course.

In some countries, a degree is required in order to get a work permit; in others, other third level qualifications may be acceptable for work permit purposes. In Ireland, QQI/ACELS-recognised schools can only employ teachers who hold pass degrees or the level 7 equivalent on the QQI qualification scales.

When do I find out my results?
A letter informing candidates of their provisional result, subject to confirmation from Cambridge, is sent out the week following the end of the course.


What time are classes?
Classes begin in the morning at 09.00.

The schedule for classes for students taking part in GE20, GE26 and Combination Courses is:

09:00 – 10.30 Class

10.30 – 11.00 Break

11:00 – 12.30 Class

Students who are taking part in a GE26 course have additional classes in the afternoons

What if I want to change level?
On your first day you will be asked to complete a level test, that includes both written and spoken elements, and you will be place in the most suitable class for your English level.

If you feel that the level is incorrect for you, please speak to your teacher in class.

Does International House Galway offer evening classes?
All International House Galway courses run from Monday to Friday, during office hours. Currently, we do not offer evening classes.
How many student will be in a class?
The maximum number of students in a class is 15.

Accomodations & Travel

What is included in the homestay accommodation?
Homestay accommodation is:

  • Based on a 7-night stay beginning from Saturday or Sunday
  • Half-board Monday-Friday and full-board at weekends
  • Located in the suburbs of Galway, within walking distance or by public bus
  • There is a supplement of €35/week for students who require a special diet
What is included in the residential accommodation?
Residential accommodation is:

  • Based on a 7-night stay beginning from Saturday or Sunday

Self-catering, with no meals included

How do I apply to become a host family?
If you wish to apply to become a host family, please contact us at
How do I get from the airport to Galway?
Private driver:

  • €150 each way (Shannon and Knock Airport)
  • €350 each way (Dublin Airport)

Private bus:

  • €30 each way (unaccompanied – over 18s only)
  • €150 each way (compulsory for under 18s – accompanied by an IH member of staff)
  • Groups of 15+: €20 per person each way
  • Taxi from Galway Bus Station to accommodation: €30 each way

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