Specialised English Programmes

English by Design:

IH Galway Junior Programmes have been meticulously designed to meet the needs and interests of our students. Our programmes motivate and challenge our junior students as they are based on authentic, personalised materials.  As our language programme is linked to the activity programme, it also provides students with the opportunity to discover Galway and Ireland, as well as other countries and cultures.

Individual Programme

Designed for those with very specific needs and little time to dedicate to focusing on these needs, for example development of proficiency and confidence in social English, meetings on Zoom or face to face, making presentations, using the telephone effectively or writing emails correctly.  We also help clients who need to develop their academic English skills for study in an English-speaking environment. You will complete a detailed needs analysis with us before you start, we help you to focus on what your real needs are, taking into account also your interests. 

Small Group Programme

This course is aimed at clients from the same company with similar needs, such as telephone English, specific vocabulary, social English or meetings, for example. You will complete a detailed needs analysis with us before you start your course and we help you to focus on your  real needs, taking into account also your interests. 

Short Stay Programme

This programme is designed for a small group who wish to combine tourism, sport or cultural activities with some English language training. We work with you before your arrival in Ireland to design a customised programme for your stay with us. Our experienced tutor will accompany you on your visits, helping with vocabulary and phrases and following the visit, they will do some language feedback with you and prepares you with some language for the next day’s activities.  This programme helps you to develop real-life English skills as you use them.

Extra opportunities for you to practise English

Tutor guided e-learning platform

We offer you tutor-guided extra practice to help you focus on specific areas such as vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading, writing, listening and pronunciation. What’s more, you can start your language journey with IH Galway now from your home! Once you book a course with us, we give you access to our e-learning platform, and this access continues after you finish your course with IH Galway.

If you study with us online, you will have the opportunity to come to our special online social events, such as Irish dancing, conversation and book clubs, workshops on topics like building your LinkedIn profile and virtual tours of the National Art Gallery. All these events are free!

Social Events

On a face to face course with us in Galway, you will have the opportunity to visit places of cultural and historical interest in Galway, and at the weekend, we offer visits to the most beautiful parts of Galway, such as the world-famous Cliffs of Moher and the Aran Islands. Activities such as Irish dancing are also arranged. Some of these events are free. ​

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