Exam Preparation

Cambridge First Certificate & Certificate in Advanced English Preparation…

We help you focus on the grammar and vocabulary you need, and you will practice speaking, listening, reading and writing skills at exam level. Our teachers help you develop exam techniques  that will lead to your exam success. You will also do practice tests during your course.


IELTS Test Preparation…

We help you develop the academic language you need for the IELTS Test. We focus on the four areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing and help you develop the exam techniques needed to complete the IELTS Test effectively.









Please contact us for Exam Preparation dates at 091-381110 or contact us by email through our contact page.

Occupational English Test (OET) Preparation

The alternative to IELTS for medical professionals, the OET is recognised by the UK and Irish Governments. IH Galway, in partnership with IH London,  is an authorised OET Test venue, so you can take your OET Test at IH Galway. We offer a 1-week intensive course that focuses on the skills, language and techniques needed for the OET exam and we also offer a practice test. You will work on exam strategies specifically tailored to your needs and your profession.  










Course: 18-22 Feb – Test: 23 Feb 

Course 11-15 March – Test: 16 March 

Course: 1-5 April – Test: 6 April 

Course: 13-17 May – Test: 18 May

Course: 10-14 June – Test: 15 June 

Course: 1-5 July – Test: 6 July 

Course: 29 July – 2 August – Test: 3 August

Course: 26-30 August – Test: 31 August 

Course: 16-20 September – Test: 21 September 

Course: 7-11 October – Test: 12 October

Course: 4-8 November – Test: 9 November 

Course: 2-6 December – Test: 7 December 





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