As the capital, Madrid is the most populous city of Spain. It is home to the Government and residence of the Spanish Royal Family. Thanks to its economic performance, the high standard of living and the size of its market, Madrid is considered the largest financial centre in southern Europe and the Iberian Peninsula and is the home of the vast majority of the most important Spanish companies.




Discover Modern  Madrid

Where we are …

Having trained more than 320,000 students and teachers in Madrid, we now have 6 modernschools in prime locations where we endeavour toprovide the best learning experience in the best learning environment. We employ and constantly retrain more than 300 qualified and specialised teachers, trainers and high-calibre academic directors strongly committed to the highest standards of excellence that exist in the world of language education.

The school, founded in 1981, is in a three-storey building equipped with state of the art facilities, 28 fully equipped air conditioned classrooms, a library, free WiFi, a cafeteria and various student areas.


Social Activities…

Using language in a sporting or social context is a very good way to develop skills that you have acquired in class during your Spanish lessons. Our school offers students the opportunity to participate in activities and outings, some free or at a reduced price, both during the week and at weekends. From the vestiges of the prestigious capitals to the effervescence of the beautiful countryside, you will have numerous lovely moment to remember!


For more information please call us at 091-381110 or contact us by email through our contact page.

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