Terms & Conditions

Updated and effective: 25th of July, 2022

1. Age groups   

1.1 Adult General English group: 16+*  

1.2 Study/Work Programme: Must be 18+ to enroll  

1.3 Pre-University Experience: 16-18

1.4 Leadership and adventure camp: 11-17  

2. Fees 

2.1 Fees include tuition, welcome pack, student information handbook, Wi-Fi, placement test and end of course certificates and reports.  

2.2 Fees do not include external exam fees, lunch or accommodation (except on residential courses), private insurance and bank charges.  

2.3 A booking fee  is applicable for all courses.  

3. Level 

3.1 Lessons may be in the morning, or the afternoon based on the student’s level. If the student books AM but are allocated to PM, the student will be refunded the difference.  

3.2 All classes are delivered through English and require an A2 level. Signing up to IH Galway classes means you acknowledge this and are at an A2 standard beginning classes.   


4. Airport Transfers 

4.1 Private airport transfer can be arranged from Dublin, Shannon, Cork and Knock. Prices are available on request, please contact administration at [email protected] 

5. IH Galway Calendar 2022/2023

IH Galway will be closed on the following public holidays: 

1 January 2022

17/18 March 2022

18 April 2022

2 May 2022

 6 June 2022

1 August 2022

31 October 2022

19 – 30 December 2022

 New Year’s Day 

Saint Patrick’s Day 

Easter Monday* 

May Bank Holiday 

June Bank Holiday 

August Bank Holiday 

October Bank Holiday 

Christmas Holiday Period

Monday 6 Feb 2023

Friday 17 Mar 2023

Monday 10 Apr 2023

Monday 1 May 2023

Monday 5 Jun 2023

7 August 2023

Monday 30 Oct 2023 

8 – 28 December 2023

St Brigid’s Day 

Saint Patrick’s Day 

Easter Monday* 

May Bank Holiday 

June Bank Holiday 

August Bank Holiday 

October Bank Holiday 

Christmas Holiday Period

6. Accommodation  

6.1 All accommodation bookings made with IH Galway are subject to a non-refundable accommodation placement fee of €80. IH Galway check ins are on Saturdays (residential and homestay). 

6.2 Homestay accommodation is:  

6.2.1 based on a 7-night stay 

6.2.3 half-board Monday-Friday and full-board at weekends  

6.2.4 full board with packed lunch with mini-stay offers as itemised in the offer  

6.2.5 located in the suburbs of Galway, within walking distance or by public bus  

6.3 There is a supplement fee for students who require a special diet, such as gluten free or halal.  Price on application. 

6.4 Self-catering accommodation in a shared apartment or house is  

6.4.1 based on a 7-night stay beginning from Saturday 

6.4.2 located in the city or suburbs of Galway, within walking distance or by public bus  

6.4.3 self-catering   

6.5.Study/Work Students don’t need to book a minimum of weeks but there’s maximum of 4 weeks in any of our options with a posibility of extension but not guaranteed.  


7. Insurance  

7.1 All students and groups are advised to take out private medical and travel insurance. EU students should travel to Galway with their European Health Insurance Card (E111) to cover emergency public medical care. If you would like to purchase additional insurance through the school, please contact us for details.   

8. Visas 

8.1 Non-EU citizens should contact the nearest Irish Embassy or visit the Immigration Service website www.inis.gov.ie for visa requirements.  

9. Payments  

9.1 Before making a payment please note any bank charges are not included in the fees and must be paid by the sender/client. 

9.2 Payment for accommodation is due four weeks before the check-in date.  

9.3 Full payment for courses is due 4 weeks before the start date. A non-refundable booking fee is to be made at the time of booking. 

9.4 Payments in installments are possible and can be arranged through administration. Each installment will accrue a €20 administrative fee. Contact [email protected] to arrange.

9.5 Any amount not received by the invoice due date will accrue late interest at 2% of the outstanding balance per month 

9.6 Special offers: all special offer invoices must be paid in full within 3 months of invoicing  

9.7 Please state the student’s name and invoice number on bank transfers. Omitting to do this may delay in recognition of payment and delay with the arrangements.  

9.8 Full payment is required before the start date or check-in date as outlined above. It is not the school’s responsibility to accommodate students who arrive at the school without full payment in advance. 

10. Postponements  

10.1 Bookings can be made up to 16 months in advance and prices will be kept at the agreed rate on booking. Any booking that is postponed beyond 16 months of the initial booking date is subject to the new fees of that year. 

10.2 A postponement fee is applied if there is a change of arrival date. Postponements must be for a valid reason and can occur a maximum of 2 times or the agreed price is subject to change. 

10.3 Due to inflation, postponed courses with an undefined arrival day may be subject to change depending on availability and changes in the market. 

11. Cancellation Policy  

11.1 If a course is cancelled fewer than 14 days before the course start date, one week’s tuition will be charged, as well as registration fee of €60 and accommodation booking fee of €80.  

11.2 If  accommodation is cancelled fewer than 14 days before the arrival date, one week’s accommodation will be charged as well as the accommodation booking fee of €80.  

11.3 If accommodation booked through a third party, such as a hotel or website, is cancelled, the client is liable for all costs, depending on the individual third party’s cancellation policy.  

11.4 If a cancellation occurs because of a visa refusal, the course booking fee and accommodation booking fee will be charged. In this case, the refund of the fees will be processed when the official letter of refusal from Immigration is sent to IH Galway, along with a properly filled out Refund Request Form. 

11.5 Individual cancellations will be processed within 30 working days. 

11.6 If an agent sends multiple (more than two) cancellations in a short period of time the refund will take a longer period to be processed and repaid. A payment plan will be discussed and put in place with IH Galway to refund the student. 

11.7 Please note that all cancellations must be submitted in writing and with Refund Request Form by email to IH Galway. The Refund Request Form can be obtained from [email protected] 

12. Refunds  

12.1 No refunds can be made after a course has started. In the case of long-term illness, students may ask for their course to be postponed to a later date. In this case, the school will require a medical certificate. A course cannot be carried over to the next calendar year. 

12.2 In the case of force majeure classes will move online and students’ classes will continue. No refunds will be offered. 

12.3 Courses are non-transferable 

For more information, please contact admin@ihgalway.ie 

13. Code of conduct 

13.1 At International House Galway we cultivate a culture of mutual respect among students, staff and all those in the IH Galway community. By enrolling on a course with IH Galway, you accept that you have read and agree to follow IH Galway’s Student Code of Conduct and Discipline: Student Code of Conduct 

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