Terms & Conditions

1. Age groups  

Adults: 17+  

Pre-University Experience: 16-18 

Junior Vacation Summer Programme: 11-15 

2. Fees 

Fees include tuition, welcome pack, student information handbook, Wi-Fi, use of computers, placement test and end of course certificates and reports. 

Fees do not include external exam fees, lunch or accommodation (except on residential courses), private insurance and bank charges. 

A booking fee of €50 is applicable for all courses. 

3. Airport Transfers 

Charges for transfers are as follows: 

• By car: €150 each way (Shannon or Knock Airport); €250 each way (Dublin or Cork Airport)  

By private bus (from any airport): 

• Unaccompanied: €30 each way 

• Accompanied: €150 each way 

• Group transfers are included in fees as itemised in the offer. 

Transfers made between 22:00 and 08:00 have a supplementary charge of €50. 

4. IH Galway Calendar 2021 

IH Galway will be closed on the following public holidays: 




1 January 2021


New Year’s Day

17 March 2021


Saint Patrick’s Day

2 April 2021*


Good Friday

5 Apr 2021


Easter Monday

3 May 2021


May Day

7 Jun 2021


June Bank Holiday

2 Aug 2021


August Bank Holiday

25 Oct 2021


October Bank Holiday

20 December – 31 December 2021

Monday – Friday (2 weeks)

Christmas Holidays

5. Accommodation 

All accommodation bookings made with IH Galway are subject to a non-refundable accommodation placement fee of €50. 

Homestay accommodation is: 

• based on a 7-night stay beginning from Sunday 

• half-board Monday-Friday and full-board at weekends 

• full board with packed lunch with mini-stay offers as itemised in the offer 

• located in the suburbs of Galway, within walking distance or by public bus 

There is a supplement of €35 per week for students who require a specialist diet, such as gluten free or halal.  

Self-catering accommodation in a shared apartment or house  is 

• based on a 7-night stay beginning from Sunday 

• located in the city or suburbs of Galway, within walking distance or by public bus 

• self-catering  

6. Insurance 

All students and groups are advised to take out private medical and travel insurance. EU students should travel to Galway with their European Health Insurance Card (E111) to cover emergency public medical care. Our specialist insurance provider is GuardMe – please contact us for details.  

7. Visas 

Non-EU citizens should contact the nearest Irish Embassy or visit the Immigration Service website www.inis.gov.ie for visa requirements. 

8. Payments 

Before making a payment please note: 

• Any bank charges are not included in the fees and must be paid by the sender. 

• Payment is due two weeks before the course start date. 

• Please state the student’s name and invoice number on bank transfers 

9. Cancellation Policy 

• If a course is cancelled more than 14 days before the course date, the registration fee of €50 and accommodation booking fee of €50 will be charged. 

• If a course is cancelled fewer than 14 days before the course start date, one week’s tuition will be charged, as well as registration fee of €50 and accommodation booking fee of €50. 

• If homestay accommodation is cancelled fewer than 14 days before the arrival date, one week’s accommodation will be charged as well as the accommodation booking fee of €50. 

• If self-catering accommodation is cancelled fewer than 4 weeks before the arrival date, one week’s accommodation will be charged, as well as the accommodation booking fee of €50. 

• If accommodation booked through a third party, such as a hotel or website, is cancelled, the client is liable for all costs, depending on the individual third party’s cancellation policy. 

• If a cancellation occurs because of a visa refusal, the registration fee of €50 and accommodation booking fee of €50 will be charged. In this case, the refund of the fees will be processed when the official letter of refusal from Immigration is sent to IH Galway. 

• Please note that all cancellations must be submitted in writing by email to IH Galway. 


From March 16, 2020, we offer the following additional Terms & Conditions below. These Ts & Cs will apply until further notice. 

The following cancellation terms apply if 

a. You have to cancel your course due to being diagnosed with Covid-19 

b. There are travel restrictions that prohibit you attending your course 

c.  IH Galway is closed due to government regulations 

If any of the above apply, we will offer you one of the following possibilities:  

• offer you a credit note for the cancelled programme. This will be transferable if you personally can’t attend the course. 

• offer you our live online programme and refund you the difference in fees 

• offer you a full refund of fees*  

*For individual students, we will deduct administrative fees as follows: €50 booking fee and €50 accommodation booking fees;  for closed groups, we will deduct the booking deposit fee of €50  and €50 accommodation booking fee per student. 

In order to offer you the above solutions we will need 

Proof of your travel insurance 

A copy of your insurance policy 

Proof of points a) or b) 

The above cancellation terms apply up to 1 week before your course is due to start. 

If IH Galway has to close during your course, we will offer you live online classes for the remainder of your course. 

10. Refunds 

No refunds can be made after a course has started. In the case of illness, students may ask for their course to be postponed to a later date. In this case, the school will require a medical certificate. A course cannot be carried over to the next calendar year (except in the case of Covid-19 above). 

Courses are non-transferable (except in the Covid-19 case above). 

For more information, please contact hello@ihgalway.ie

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