University of Cambridge CELTA Course

This course, which was originally designed by the founder of IH, John Haycraft, at IH London in 1962, is the most recognised initial teacher training course in the world. IH Galway is proud to continue in the tradition of IH as world leaders in teacher training.

The CELTA is an intensive course which is suitable for applicants with no teaching qualification or experience or for teachers of English who have gained experience but have no formal qualification.


Now CELTA Course 100% Online

We've changed the structure of our next CELTA course to make it possible for you to take our CELTA course 100% online from your home, wherever you are in the world. This is a unique opportunity for you to take the CELTA in a multicultural environment and with multilingual students of English.

  • Gain a qualification which is accredited at Level 5 on the UK National Qualifications Framework
  • Gain a qualification which 87% of employers worldwide look for
  • Develop many transferable interpersonal skills
  • Develop as a professional teacher of English
  • Discover how to make language teaching and learning engaging and fun
  • Travel to exciting destinations with the most recognised TEFL qualification in the world

On the Online CELTA course, you learn how to:

  • Analyse language for teaching
  • Select and adapt texts for students
  • Plan a lesson effectively
  • Manage students and your lesson
  • Help students understand and use grammar and vocabulary
  • Help students read, listen, speak and write in English
  • Become confident and ready to teach English

Things to know…

  • Suitable for applicants with no teaching qualifications or experience
  • Suitable for applicants with teaching qualifications but with no experience.
  • Full-time/Part-time and Online Courses Available.



CELTA Online Course Overview

This course takes place over 5 weeks and it is 100% online. CELTA Tutors at International House Galway are qualified and experienced online tutors and have been running CELTA Online since it was first developed by Cambridge Assessment English and International House London in 2012.

The International House Galway CELTA Online course content and final qualification is exactly the same as on any other CELTA course. Below is an overview of our CELTA Online course:

Input - online

Input consists of sessions on methodology, techniques, classroom management, lesson planning and language analysis, for example. Modules are scheduled weekly and candidates complete a series of tasks per module. This input is the same as what we have on our regular CELTA Online courses and the daily commitment is approximately 3 hours, as on a full-time course. It would be best to complete these modules at the same time every day and we recommend that they be completed in the morning.

Assignments - online

Candidates complete 4 assignments during the CELTA course and these are set weekly by the CourseTutors. Assignments can be completed at any time during the week they're set. On a full time course, these tend to be completed at the weekends or when candidates have time in the evenings.

Teaching Practice - live online

This is the live online part of the course, meaning in real time, with you, the candidate, your Teaching Practice students, your Course Tutor and your fellow CELTA candidates. Candidates complete six hours of assessed Teaching Practice, which takes place from 14:00-18:00 every day Monday-Friday. Candidates teach every second day, so Monday/Wednesday/Friday one week and Tuesday/Thursday the next week and so on. Candidates must be available to attend Teaching Practice every afternoon Monday-Friday from 14:00-18:00*.

Teaching practice consists of:
Teaching Practice lessons: 14:00-16:00
Feedback: 16:15-17:00
Guided lesson planning: 17:15-18:00

*All time references are local, i.e. Irish time/BST

Further live online sessions - unique to International House Galway

Candidates attend two live online input sessions with CELTA Tutors per week. These times will be confirmed once we assess which times best suit candidates. These sessions are unique to the International House Galway Live Online CELTA course as we feel that candidates will benefit from additional live sessions during which they can speak with the Course Tutors and get answers to their questions.

Shadowing a teacher post-course - unique to International House Galway

To help candidates have the opportunity to see and participate in face to face teaching also, we are offering them the possibility of shadowing teachers in a face to face classroom at International House Galway for two weeks following the course. This will include some partner teaching opportunities also. This will not be compulsory but will be offered to CELTA graduates as part of our unique CELTA course as we feel that graduates will benefit from both observing experienced teachers live in class and team teaching with the teachers to help them develop further.

Learning how to teach online

The IH Galway CELTA Online course also has an added benefit - candidates who attend this unique CELTA course will finish the course with knowledge about how to plan and teach lessons in a live online environment, which will allow graduates to apply for online teaching positions around the world.




CELTA online courses

May 25 - June 26

June 29 - July 31

August 04 - September 04



CELTA Online Course Fees


Course fee
€ 1,460
Registration fee
€ 60
Materials fee
€ 60
Cambridge Assessment fee
€ 170
€ 1,750


If you wish to apply for the CELTA course, please complete the application form and application tasks. This is the initial part of your application. Once your application documents have been accepted, the next stage is an interview, which will be on Zoom. In preparation for your interview, please read the booklet and complete the application form and tasks (you may refer to the recommended titles in the information booklet, or any other suitable source, to complete these tasks). Please then read the FAQs and come up with 3+ other questions to ask us when you attend your interview.


Internation House Galway - CELTA Information Booklet     Download

CELTA information booklet


Internation House Galway - CELTA Application Form With Language Tasks     Download

CELTA Application form


Internation House Galway - CELTA Online Course FAQs     Download

CELTA Online FAQs form


Internation House Galway - CELTA Cambridge Assessment English Brochure     Download

CELTA Cambridge Assessment English Brochure


For more information please call us at 091-381110 or contact us by email through our contact page.




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