Valencia is the third largest city in Spain for the number of inhabitants, after Madrid and Barcelona. It is located on the eastern coast of Spain and is commonly called by the Valenciani Cap i Casal.

It is located at the mouth of the river Turia.

Valencia is famous for Las Fallas (Les falles, in Valenciano): A popular festival that is celebrated in honor of St. Joseph, for the Valencian Paella, for “the Horchata de Chufa” and for the new City of Arts and Sciences.




Discover Architectual  Valencia

Where we are …

IH Valencia is located in the city centre, the historic part of Valencia, just a step away from the most important parts of the city. The school occupies two modern buildings, in total it has 23 spacious classrooms with air-conditioning. Library and videoteque, students’ room, internet area, free WI-FI, a small pond in the patio and rooftop terrace.


All of the classrooms have natural light, air-conditioning and are fully equipped for language lessons.


Social Activities…

Using language in a sporting or social context is a very good way to develop skills that you have acquired in class during your Spanish lessons. Our school offers students the opportunity to participate in activities and outings, some free or at a reduced price, both during the week and at weekends. From the vestiges of the prestigious capitals to the effervescence of the beautiful countryside, you will have numerous lovely moment to remember!


For more information please call us at 091-381110 or contact us by email through our contact page.

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