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Study & Work Programme

Would you like to come to Galway to study at IH for 6 months and work at the same time? This programme, which is unique to Ireland, allows you to study English at IH Galway and work at the same time! You can study and work in Galway for 6 months and take an examination such as IELTS or Cambridge First of Advanced at the end of your course, then work in Galway for 2 more months.

Prices from €60 to €120 per week







Here is a summary of the Study & Work Programme:
take 6 months of lessons - 15 hours per week. + work up to 20 hours per week for this period
take an exam at the end of your course: Cambridge, IELTS
have 2 months off lessons + work up to 40 hours per week for this period

Extra opportunities for you to practise English

Tutor guided e-learning platform

We offer you tutor-guided extra practice to help you focus on specific areas such as vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading, writing, listening and pronunciation. What’s more, you can start your language journey with IH Galway now from your home! Once you book a course with us, we give you access to our e-learning platform, and this access continues after you finish your course with IH Galway.

Study & Work​

With a Study/Work Programme at IH Galway, you can…


grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and speaking.


a prestigious qualification in English​

Earn money​

while studying at IH Galway and after you finish studying with us ​


about Ireland and Irish culture in depth.​


your Curriculum Vitae/resumé ​

Make yourself​

more marketable on the job market​

If you study with us online, you will have the opportunity to come to our special online social events, such as Irish dancing, conversation and book clubs, workshops on topics like building your LinkedIn profile and virtual tours of the National Art Gallery. All these events are free!

Social Events

On a face to face course with us in Galway, you will have the opportunity to visit places of cultural and historical interest in Galway, and at the weekend, we offer visits to the most beautiful parts of Galway, such as the world-famous Cliffs of Moher and the Aran Islands. Activities such as Irish dancing are also arranged. Some of these events are free.


FAQs Live Online Lessons

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our team for support.

What is different about our online courses is that our lessons are live online. This means that youwill workin real time withyourteacher, who will help you to obtain your language objectives quickly. We use the Communicative Approach, placingemphasis onnatural communication.

Maybe you have already taken an online course, maybe even an online coursein English. International House Galway online courses are different –your lessons are live online with a small groupof students,or one-to-onewith your teacher,if you take aone-to-one course. Your lessons will be on Zoom and you will use an e-course book and other materials, such as articles, projects and videos. You will also use our International HouseGalway Portal, which has extra teacher-guided e-learning materials for you to practise outside of class. You will interact with your teacher and classmates in real time and receive feedbackon your language constantly. You willplan andmake presentations and projects as part of your course andyou will practise natural English.

All International House Galway teachers are professionally qualified, with a University of Cambridge CELTA or Delta qualification, and some of our academic staff are also qualified and experienced Cambridge Teacher Trainers.All International House Galway teachers are also trained in how to teach live online.

You will need the following:

1: a good internet connection

2: a quiet place to study, with some light, preferably

3: a laptop or tablet (not a mobile phone), a camera on your lap top/tablet, and ear phones

4: a notebook to take notes of grammar and vocabulary etc

5: Yourself! The more you participate in the lessons and the more work you complete outside class time, the better success you will have.

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